Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference for History of Science in Science Education

Keszthely, Hungary
at the Festetics Palace

12-16 July, 2004

Stephen Klassen

Zemplén’s Monograph on “Electricity and its Practical Applications” from 1910
Ivan Abonyi

*Learning from Medieval Mathematics: Nicole Oresme’s approach to series and “qualities.”
Jeff Babb

Structure of Dimensions/Revolution of Dimensions (Classical and Fractal) in Education and Science
József Berke

Q. Majorana’s Experiments on Gravitational Absorption: Further Documents and Manuscripts
Giorgio Dragoni

*The “Kármán vortex street”: approaches to fluid dynamics with a historical and phenomenological perspective
Michael Eckert

The Story of the Light Ray and Vision as a Story for Teaching Optics as a Discipline-Culture
Igal Galili

Fleas Like Elephants, Lice Like Bears: 18th Century Solar Microscope Projections Between Enlightened Natural Philosophy and Amusement For Women and Children
Peter Heering

Push-Button Experiments in Museums: An Original Experiment of Röntgen
Sándor Jeszenszky

Concepts of the Electron
Stephen Klassen

The Zemplén Competitions and Memorial Days in Nagykanizsa as Homage to the Brilliant Hungarian Physicist
László Kovács

Measuring Speed of Light: Why ? Speed of what?
Pierre Lauginie

*Geometry for Nunavut: A postmodern approach to the cognition of Archimedes
Ralph Mason

*How Bad Philosophy Leads Educational Research Astray
Some Comments on Constructivism, Feminism, and Multiculturalism

Michael Matthews

Logbooks and Journals: Using Historical Materials in School Science
Barbara McMillan

Using Historical Narratives to Guide Science Experiments
Don Metz

*How we are using the history of physics in our schoolbooks?
László Molnár

*Let’s play! Designing games that facilitate the learning of science
Georgios Primerakis & Vassilis Koulountzos

*Teaching ways of thinking instead of overcoming ideas: The case of idealization
Fanny Seroglou

*Ars Computi
Wesley M. Stevens

Using Thought Experiments to Teach Einstein’s Ideas
Art Stinner & Don Metz

*Historical Surprises
Roger H. Stuewer

*Georg Simon Ohm, Ohm’s Law, and Electrical Resistance
Jürgen Teichmann

A Hundred Years Make No Small Difference: Popularization of Science in Hungary at the Turn of Two Centuries: Győző Zemplén’s Conventionalism and Modern Fundamentalists
Gábor Á. Zemplén

Zemplén: The Scientist and the Teacher
László Kovács, (Ed.)

* Abstract only